Shoot For Wind Photography | About

I enjoy taking pictures of people and helping them look their best. There is no better compliment than when you show an image to a person and they almost disbelieve that its themselves in the shot.

I make good use of strobes (flashes) in my photography. I have setups that allow for full studio lights to be easily used on location so there is never a lack of light. This is always a good thing for a night owl such as myself.

As a child I was sometimes afraid of the dark. But, once I had a flashlight in my hand I could go anywhere. Still to this day I really love small LED flashlights and I carry that same fascination toward speedlights (small photography flashes). They are powerful little gems and when coupled with radio controllers they bring a lot of control right where and when I need it.

I very much like to take pictures of people with soft out of focus backgrounds. The Japanese have a word for this out of focus portion of the image "bokeh" (pronounced Bow-Ka). Many really love this look and it always keeps the viewers eye focused on what is really important.

I'd like to personally thank you for considering me for your photography needs and for taking the time to read through my site.

~Brett Howard